About Newspapers in Education

Newspapers have long been the primary source for information about the world we live in. Long before the text book is published, reporters are writing about the changes taking place in civics, science and the arts. In an effort to improve the way teachers and students use The Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune, we've made "digital" newspapers available to Utah's teachers and students at no cost. This site makes it easier to access the newspaper and associated supplements that have become a mainstay for many classroom. Thank you for reading.

How to subscribe to a subscription period.

Newspaper in Education e-Edition subscriptions are broken out into subscription periods. As they become available, you will need to subscribe to one to be able to access the e-Edition of the Newspapers. As new subscription periods become available, they can be acccessed under your account settings.

How to create student logins

Make sure you create a login for your students to grant them access to the e-Edition. You can create as many logins as you would like to fit your needs. Each login is individually tracked with some basic analytics to give you insight to how they are being used. Your students can login at the student portal.

What's an Affidavit?

Affidavits are your acknowledgement that you are using the Online Replica's of the Newspapers in your classroom for specific periods of time. These affidavits are an important piece in our auditing process that allows us to continue to provide newspapers and newspaper products to classrooms throughtout the state. Your affidavit may arrive through email or through the USPS mail, or can be signed on this website. Please sign and return these as soon as possible in order to continue receiving these services.

Terms and Agreements

Utah Media Group is dedicated to compliance with all guidelines and laws related to emailing its customers. You may receive e-mails from Utah Media Group in the following circumstances: