Below is a listing of available newspaper lesson books and when they are available. These newsprint lesson books are a fun and informative alternative that use The Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune to teach current events and life skills to Utah students.

Your newspaper lesson books can be used with the digital e-Edition of the Newspapers. Newspapers In Education will deliver a lesson book for each of your students to the front office of your school on the day you indicate. E-Editions of The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News are always available to Utah students and educators through this site. To receive print copies of the Newspapers with your lesson books, please contact your NIE Representative at 801-204-6115.


Read With the Bees
This section includes a fun summer reading program. Students will learn how to track their reading to win fun prizes and even a chance to win tickets to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game. Salt Lake Bees seek to support children in their efforts to read and develop reading skills. Reading is the foundation of literacy. Join the Salt Lake Bees in their encouragement of reading!