Something for Everyone!

Using the Newspaper in the classroom is beneficial for every subject, class, teacher, and student. Use the tips below to get your creative juices flowing and thus helping you utilize this helpful tool. They are just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us to sign up today!.

English/Foreign Language/Language Arts: Help students improve vocabulary, recognize and learn abbreviations/acronyms, teach grammar rules, punctuation ,etc. Sign up for the e-edition and use our translation tool to change the text into one of eleven different languages!

Reading/Writing: Read news stories and create a journal entry on what was read. Or maybe compose a letter to the editor?

Math: Use sports articles, recipes in the food section, stock market trends, and even classified advertisements to teach percentages, fractions, arithmetic. The possibilities are infinite!

Science/Technology: Use our e-edition to help students become computer and internet savvy! News stories and the weather section are great for geography. Some articles will even highlight advances in medicine, engineering, business.

Social Studies/Current Events: Editorials, World News, Politics, OH MY! Our newspapers are a treasure trove for all sorts of learning opportunities in this area. Follow new bills as they go through the approval process. Use the world news to teach about different countries, geography, etc.

Art: What kid (of any age) doesn’t love the comics? Use the comics to assist in sketching people, animals, and so on. How about color composition in our advertisements? Mixed media art is all the rage. You can even scrapbook major stories.

Health: Our outdoor section is great for highlighting different activities to promote physical activity. Discuss whether or not the recipes in our food section are healthy. Find articles on recent medical discoveries about different illnesses.

Reference: Teach students about indexes, bibliographies, etc.